Dress Jeans

Dress jeans are by definition a pair of jeans that are dark in color (usually black) and can pass as dressy slacks. These jeans are generally worn to more casual affairs, along with a dress shirt. Men are the most common wearers of dress jeans, although women can also wear them if the occasion permits.

A person would likely not wear dress jeans to formal occasions, because they are still quite noticeably a pair of jeans and cannot completely pass as formal wear. A person who decides to wear dress jeans is probably going to wear these to any kind of a low key party or affair that requires the person to dress nicely, but not in a formal manner. Men will often wear black dress jeans along with a white collared shirt to a dance or to a bar. This allows them to meet the minimum dress code, but still allows them to feel quite casual and comfortable in their attire.

Dress Jeans

Would you wear dress jeans to work?

Some workplaces will allow their employees to wear these kinds of jeans to work. The best way to find out if these are an item of clothing that should be worn to a person’s workplace is to ask. Ask your direct supervisor or whomever you report to if the jeans are appropriate attire for your particular job. These days many offices are allowing employees to dress down to more casual attire if they are not directly involved in meeting with clients or attending meetings.

If these office workers have to pass by clients, they still look quite dressed up to people glancing at them quickly. No one would suspect that the worker is actually wearing jeans unless they were up close and speaking to that person. If your workplace has casual fridays, then jeans are always an item that is allowed to be worn. If you choose to wear a dressier jean, then that is your choice.

In general, dress jeans are usually a much darker color than regular jeans. This makes them look much more formal and appropriate to the naked eye. No one will be able to determine that you are wearing jeans from a distance. The dressier jean just makes a person look and seem much more dressed up when in fact they are wearing jeans.

The next time you are shopping for jeans, try purchasing a dressier pair. These can be worn to many types of events that are not extremely formal and can end up saving you a lot of money because of their versatility. You will not have to purchase separate pairs of jeans for different events, because you can use the same pair for many. The main definition of dressier jeans is basically that they are extremely dark pants that do not have a large number of pockets. The clean lines and lack of pockets can make the jeans appear a lot dressier than regular jeans. Dress jeans are the answer to a lot of “what should I wear?” dilemmas.